Sinead Kelly
Artist - Designer - Dressmaker
Thank you for visiting my online portfolio. I hope you enjoy it.

Since an early age, I have enjoyed exercising my creative skills through art, craft and dressmaking. At the minute, I am based in Convoy, County Donegal and work from home as well as at a number of community arts projects.

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Thank you and enjoy
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I get a great deal of pleasure from my art and creative crafts and hope you will enjoy perusing my online portfolio.

​Over the years, I have exhibited my work locally. I get a great deal of satisfaction from being able to share my work as well as ideas and comments on what I should do next. I have a form on this site that you can use to contact me.
Contact Me
  1. Artist
    Most of my work is oil on canvas but over the last year or so, I have been experimenting with other formats.
  2. Designer - Dressmaker
    I have been designing my own garments since the age of 10 years and get a great deal of satisfaction from producing work that makes that special occasion even more special.
  3. Crafts
    Over the years, I have produced a wide range of knits, cross stitches, decoupage and other items and find both the making process and finished product very pleasing.